Extraordinary Moments: Kate Danker

Speech and Hearing Sciences student Kate Danker is changing the world one child at a time

Andrew Lee and Ryan Newman

The College of Arts and Sciences is a place where career preparation meets personal passion.

Just ask Kate Danker, a graduate student in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences who works in the department’s preschool program for language development. This program brings campus and community together, offering students a place to employ the skills they’ve learned in the classroom and change the world one child at a time.

Show transcript

Annette Champion: “This program was established in the mid-1970s. One of the clinical faculty members thought it would be a nice idea for students to observe speech-language pathology in a natural setting. 

“I’ve known Kate since she first arrived at IU, and what’s been really fun this semester is to see how much confidence she’s gotten and how she can think on her own and be creative on her own.” 

Kate Danker: “Joseph is so much fun. I love when he comes in the door every single time for preschool. It’s like he’s coming here for the first time.”

Annette Champion: “The children that come to our program receive speech-language services. We focus on speech sounds and on language development. We’re using multiple modalities to teach them to be better communicators and prep them for school.”

Haruko Murphy, parent: “We’ve always just felt great about the fact that our little ones are contributing to these young people’s education.”

Kate Danker: “You use communication in every part of everyday of your life. Language really plays a part in these kids creating friendships and learning how to play together.”

Annette Champion: “I get the pleasure of actually observing Kate and Joseph when they do individual one-on-one sessions. In those sessions, they have so much fun. He doesn’t even realize he’s working. He just thinks he’s having a good time with Kate.

“To me, that’s what it’s all about. We want to help them, but we want it to be a pleasant experience.”

Kate Danker: “I think kids in general have a different worldview than we do. And when you spend time with them, you do learn from them because they’re coming at everything from a different point of view. I feel like I’ve learned from them and, hopefully, they’ve learned from me.”

Venture Production Group

This film was produced by Venture Production Group. Andrew Lee (B.A. ’06, Telecommunications) serves as executive producer for the company, and Ryan Newman  (B.A. ’07, Telecommunications) serves as creative director.