That Stone-fixed Moment

IU's Judson Mead Geologic Field Station in Montana offers students an unforgettable experience

Andrew Lee and Ryan Newman

From Bloomington to Big Sky Country: Each summer, students from IU and other universities across the country join the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences for several weeks of intensive study at IU’s Judson Mead Geologic Field Station in Montana. Those weeks offer an unforgettable learning experience, one that embodies so much of what makes a liberal arts education special.

When you study the arts and sciences, you’re part of a legacy of learning that began thousands of years ago. It’s a legacy of discovery — of unearthing the truth and so much more.

Show transcript

00:01 --> 00:05 [Wind blowing]

00:06 --> 00:10 [Birds chirping]

00:12 --> 00:16 [Ambient, atmospheric music begins playing]

00:22 --> 00:31 Narrator: It was in the long stillness, the great quiet, the sunset country stretched out before you.

00:34 --> 00:39 The idle Earth settled for a breath.

00:39 --> 00:46 You saw the world in its naked immensity, a thousand Earths stacked on one another.

00:46 --> 00:47 Shifting.

00:47 --> 00:49 Sliding.

00:49 --> 00:51 Bursting into the present.

00:51 --> 00:55 The wonder of it.

00:57 --> 01:05 Traces of time — dust, ground, and pressed to stone — a testament to what is passed,

01:05 --> 01:09 what was, and is still.

01:09 --> 01:16 Cradled and crumbled, you hold it: That stone-fixed moment.

01:16 --> 01:24 Its circuitous path, leading up through the abyss of time, to you.

01:24 --> 01:33 This Montana field, this summer of study, chasing light, your own charted path.

01:33 --> 01:37 Where what you carry with you is earned.

01:37 --> 01:42 And that which lies beneath your feet reveals itself.

01:44 --> 01:47 Its secrets.

01:47 --> 01:49 Its place in time.

Venture Production Group

This film was produced by Venture Production Group. Andrew Lee (B.A. ’06, Telecommunications) serves as executive producer for the company, and Ryan Newman  (B.A. ’07, Telecommunications) serves as creative director.